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Skinheads the biggest controversial youth sub-culture in history, Everyone knows what a skinhead is just ask 'em. Everyone has their own definition everyone has their own idea's as to what it should be this page is just what skinhead is to me. If you agree great! if you don't well that's your right. So sit back lace them boots tight grab a brew and enjoy what I have brought to you!

Alright what is a skinhead? according the media skinheads are confused white youth who cry out for attention in the way of bashing minorities, wearing symbols of the very same people our Country brought down in World War 2, and killing their family's because mom or dad won't let them go out and burn crosses in their neighbors lawn...

Well skinhead to me ain't nothing of the above, Skinhead is working hard in everything you do and saying bollocks to thinks you don't want to do. Skinhead is having pride in the land you were born regardless of the tyranny that government may project. Skinhead is being there for your friends, enjoying good beer and have a laugh. Skinhead is not buying into the whole left and right thing but finding your place in the middle, rather than buying into extremes. Skinhead is the pride and work you put into your gear so that you stand above the rest. Skinhead is not about following "lace laws" but your own laws. Skinhead is not about race it is about Unity, unity with one's social class. Skinhead is knowing your at the bottom of the ladder and making the best of it. Skinhead is having a say no matter what the repercussions may be. Skinhead is about relaxing to SKA or getting AGGRO to Oi! or bedding as many birds as you can...


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